Sunday, 27 September 2015

Knight Models: Nite Owl

A slight digression from painting up Age of Sigmar today, mainly caused by the exasperation I'm experiencing on the Prosecutors - but that'll be a story for another post...

Today I took some time to photograph Nite Owl, of the Watchmen, for the Batman Miniatures Game, and here are the results:

I found him particularly difficult to photograph, so please excuse the crappy pictures. The model is sufficiently dark to cause problems with the white balance.

Regardless of that, Nite Owl is a superb model to paint! He has an amazing level of detail (especially on the "scaled" bodysuit) and the cape is really dynamic. The sculpt is also sufficiently different to Batman. I always felt that would be difficult, because Nite Owl really reminds me of the Dark Knight.

This shot gives a nice view of the body armour. I really liked painting the variety of browns on this miniature; a colour that I don't use that often.

That means I'm actually building up a pretty decent Watchmen team: having painted up Silk Spectre (II), Nite Owl and Rorschach. Based on currently released models, that leaves Ozymandias and the Comedian. I'm still hoping for Dr Manhattan... 

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