Sunday, 18 October 2015

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Prosecutors

Painting of the Age of Sigmar starter set continues, and I most recently completed the 3-man Prosecutor unit...

While I'm pleased, overall, with how this unit came out, they were actually very hard to paint! The basic armour configuration is the same as for the other Stormcast Eternal models, but the wings were an absolute pest to paint!

I am following the Age of Sigmar painting guide (as well as Duncan Rhodes' Youtube videos) but in hindsight I could have done a better job on these wings. I made extensive use of the Ceramite White undercoat to achieve a solid white coat, but that is still a difficult objective when the actual wing spines as so delicate.

My recommendation? Paint the wings a solid white with Ceramite White. Put down a gloss varnish and let it dry. Then use Lahmian Medium with a blue glaze (or just a thinned blue wash) and line the wings in: the gloss with encourage the paint to flow into the recesses. Go back and paint a matte varnish over the wings, and you're done.

Instead, I painted a mid grey over the wings; then went with Administratum Grey, then lined the wings in with a blue glaze, then built the colours up with Ceramite White... It was a slog!

These models also demonstrate the sheer impracticality of some of the Age of Sigmar miniatures. The wing spines are extremely thin and delicate: I dropped them a couple of times during painting and winced - expecting to see some damage... Being plastic, they have a springy flexibility but I can see these parts being damaged going in and out of storage cases, let alone played with!

So that's the Prosecutors done, which took a little longer than I expected. That leaves me with the (amazing) Lord-Celestant and the Lord-Relictor...

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Retributors

Some more Age of Sigmar today - I finished off the three Retributors in the box. Each is armed with a big hammer, and they look and feel an awful lot like Space Marine Terminators...

These miniatures have lots of nice surface detail, and painting the gold was a real pleasure. They do, unfortunately, have really delicate spiky bits around the head pieces. Even using KR foam cases and being really careful while playing with them, I can't see those pieces lasting very long.

This shot shows the much-maligned backpack pieces, which demonstrate the relationship between the Retributors and Space Marines. This is pretty weird: there's really no reason for these parts!

Still, nice models altogether and I enjoyed painting them.

Gold burn-out is now fast approaching, but I'm pushing on through to get these models done in one go. I've started undercoating the Prosecutors and the final characters models, so the end is in sight...