Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy Halloween: Stormcast Lord Relictor

Halloween greetings to all, and in-keeping with the season I've today finished up a scary-faced Lord Relictor for the Stormcasts...

As with the other Stormcast sculpts, the Lord Relictor is nicely detailed. More than perhaps any other Sigmar starter miniature, this guy really resembles a Space Marine - and specifically a Chaplain! If you have even moderate conversion abilities he's a prime choice for a conversion; just replace that hammer with a crozius and off you go!

The other thing about this figure is that, once more, GW has gone nuts with spiky bits that will struggle to survive a few trips in the figure case, let alone a game... The icon and helmet are just covered in thin, spiky plastic components.

I should also note that this figure has tons of scrollwork on him - see below. I really don't like this; the scrolls carry lots of surface detail, iconography etc, which is a real pain to paint. You end up highlighting round characters and picking out tiny symbols. I much prefer the Space Marine-style scrolls and oath papers, which you can highlight as a component and then add your own fine detail.

I'm nearing the end of the Age of Sigmar Stormcasts now, and really burning out on these guys. When I'm done, I doubt I will be able to paint another gold figure for several months! (Which is fine, because I don't have a plan to paint any more gold armies anyway!)

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