Sunday, 6 December 2015

Age of Sigmar: Khorne Khorgorath

I haven't able to update in a few weeks, but I have been really busy with painting. I've been working hard on completely the Age of Sigmar boxed set, and also updating units for some of my 40k armies.

So, here we go with my latest model: the Khorne Khorgorath...

This is a big (dreadnought-sized) model, and has been a big of a project to get through. I used the Age of Sigmar painting guide as a basis (except that I used some dry brushing on the earlier stages of the skin). However, looking at Warhammer TV on Youtube, actually Duncan Rhodes has a better method for painting this guy - so check that out if you want some free advice.

Despite his chunky appearance, this guy has some seriously fragile aspects. The various pointed bones etc are just waiting to break off as you pick him up...

There's an obvious design heritage here with the Chaos Hellbrute (this dude even has power armour plating on his arms), but it's still a nice centre piece for the Khorne army.

And yes, as it's a GW miniature, there are tons of skulls across the whole figure! Check out the view above: skulls literally erupt from the spine and back!

Next week: I'll be finishing the Khorne Bloodsecrator...

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