Sunday, 3 April 2016

Girls of the Galaxy, Tau and TMNT: Ebay auctions!

Not much of an update this week: I'm finishing off some Farsight broadsides, and gearing up for another couple of commissions. But I've been trawling my miniatures collection, and decided that some of it absolutely, must go...

So I've listed several Ebay auctions. This is a great chance to acquire something you might've seen my painting on the blog, and perhaps thought would be cool to own!

First up, I have several Girls of the Galaxy from Raging Heroes. I'm basically never going to get around to painting all of these up, and I got a pretty big haul from the Kickstarter, so I've listed (all mint in packaging):

Nertha, of the Iron Empire (would make an awesome Imperial Guard psyker!)

Cyber-zombie Bodyguard (servitor!)

Set of three mascots (objectives?)

Butterfly, of the Lulus (Ratling sniper!)

As you've probably seen from my blog, I'm concentrating on a Farsight army right now. At one time, this was going to be an urban camo Tau army. I even went as far as to paint up a Devilish APC and some Fire Warriors, which are now also listed on Ebay:

Devilfish APC in urban camo

Fire Warriors in urban camo

Do you remember a while back GW was giving away Adeptus Mechanicus car stickers? Well, I acquired a set that I'm never going to use. Pick up a rare item now!

Adeptus Mechancius car stickers

Lastly, I've decided to part with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets. These were originally scale miniature toys, and I detailed on my blog how I'd stripped and painted them. They were great fun to paint, but they have sat in the storage box for too long and would be great to see them go to a good home if someone has a use for them...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Shredder, Splinter & April

Foot Clan Ninjas & Krang

And of course, you can search the blog if you want to find more pictures of any of the painted models. Keep checking back, as I'm probably going to be auctioning off even more finished projects very soon - including my Flesh Tearers and Ravening armies (be very sad to see those go...!).

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  1. Have to say that you you have done a great job, your 40k models are very impressive. Hence no wonder that people want to buy them.

    How you manage to paint them so nicely? What paint you use and are there any secrets would you share with us?

    Hope you will find some time to reply here.