Saturday, 30 April 2016

On the workbench: Eldar Wraithguards

Juggling lots of projects at the moment, and in process of finishing up some Farsight models, a Tyranid Hive Tyrant and starting a new Eldar commission...

Here's this week's efforts: a work in progress of a Wraithguard squad. My client wanted bone-coloured armour, which is very striking, and the blues work very well with the main colours.

The gems on the armour were fun to do, and I think they set off the armour nicely as well. There's still a lot to do on him, but I think this unit looks very good!

I'm not happy with the piping on the gun, and think that this should perhaps be a different colour. I'll have to discuss this with my client. 

Now, onwards to finish the rest of the squad, and that Flyrant is looking at me funny across the workbench too...

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