Sunday, 29 May 2016

A detour: An Iron Hands Iron Father

I was supposed too be painting Eldar again this week, but sometimes you just have an urge to paint something else and have to go with it. That's how I decided to paint up the Forgeworld Iron Father; a really nice "hero" model for my new Iron Hands list...

Here he is: with a volkite pistol, power axe and servo arm.

The actual process of painting him was quite straightforward really: I mainly used metallics to weather the outer edges of his armour, and focused my painting attention on the metalwork and power axe.

The axe is done with the same process as say a thunder hammer, and I added small lightning ripples for some extra colour. I would say that some additional spot colours are necessary on Iron Hands characters, as otherwise the black armour becomes a little monotonous. On the Forgeworld website, I've noticed that they typically wash the black armour with greens to make it appear a little iridescent, but I don't really like that look. Hence the more colourful axe, and some additional diodes and buttons on the character being picked out.

A rear shot of the Iron Father. he actually wears Terminator armour, but I will equip him with artificer armour in my list.

Some more shots of his equipment.

Overall, a unique model and a really nice hero from Forgeworld. He'd made a very good Master of the Forge, and I intend to use him as a Techmarine.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Eldar: Wave Serpent 1

Another model for the Eldar commission finished this week - a Wave Serpent.

Whilst the Wave Serpent, as a kit, is now showing its age of a little, overall this was a fun model to paint. My client's chosen scheme fits the model really well, and the vehicle looks great next to the Wraithguard that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

The cockpit is fully detailed. Whilst the scheme is deliberately quite "clean", my client requested some directional staining on the hull. This works well, I think, and adds an element of speed to the piece.

Another view of the Serpent.

This rear angle demonstrates some of the staining on the gems.

Another angle, again showing some staining.

The model has removable and exchangeable guns on the turret, as shown below.

The actual vehicle is also magnetised, so it can easily be removed from the base.

A view of the open cockpit.

Next up will probably be either a Farseer, or perhaps a squad of Dire Avengers!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Batman Miniatures Game: Arkham Knight Batmobile

This weekend was spent finishing off my most recent project: the Arkham Knight Batmobile, from Knight Models!

Apologies in advance for the number of pictures this week, but I really enjoyed painting this model and I'm very pleased with the results.

Despite the limited palette, I took a while getting through the vehicle as I wanted to get it right. There are several grey and blue tones in the highlights, which I mainly applied via dry brushing.

Although not technically accurate I guess, I wanted to have the guns deployed on the roof but decided against building the model in battle mode. It's composed of several "chunks" of resin, so with the wheels deployed it would be quite delicate. It feels much more compact and safe built like this!

The gun was weathered separately to the rest of the car.

I applied weathering to the wheels, as well as the wheel arches. Several MIG weathering pigments were used, and sealed in stages to improve durability.

The rear of the car received some metallic weathering, but not too much. It's difficult to make out the engine here, but it has also been weathered with soot.

This is a good wheel arch shot, showing mud splashes.

And here's the Batmobile with my favourite Batman figures...

Batgirl is a great BMG mini, which is probably a bit more "comic book" than the style of the car.

It also comes with a rules card, but the actual rules for vehicles aren't in the main book. Those are in the Arrow and Flash Expansion, which is actually due for release imminently!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Eldar; Wraithguards

Tonight I managed to finish off a squad of Wraithguard for the new Eldar project...

These models were great fun to paint. My client had a specific colour scheme in mind, so they were painted to that plan: I think that the various colours balance well. I really like the bone armour, which was done with Army Painter Skeleton Bone (very close to Ushabti Bone).

This view shows the gems on the backs of the models. We discussed adding some staining and/or weathering to the gems, but ultimately I thought that this would make the pieces too "busy". There is some very minor dripping around the gem-stones, as though water as collected around them, but it's a subtle effect.

Some specifics now. This kit has limited "pose-ability", but the models still look quite dynamic.

The heads received a coat of 'Ardcoat, to make the Wraithguards appear more alien. In fact, they look a bit Gieger-esque with this effect, and it nicely reinforces the monstrous nature of the these creatures...

The models are actually magnetised, and can be fitted with alternative weapons. However, I haven't finished these - I figured I'd make some more headway on the commission, then come back to them.

Next up? I'm going to try some Eldar vehicles...

Monday, 2 May 2016

Tyranids: Flying Hive Tyrant (version 2)

Today I managed to finish the Tyranid commission I recently took on: another flying hive tyrant!

He's so big that he barely fits inside my photo box!

Armed with Forgeworld twin-linked flesh devourers, the flying tyrant is sure to bring the hurt...

Gotta love those wings. I still remember my first converted flyrant: equipped with Lord of the Wings Balrog wings...

The patterning is a little different from the earlier 'Nids, to add some variety. He'll fit in nicely with the rest of the army though.

Note the Secret Weapon "infested" base - very nicely detailed, and highly recommended!