Sunday, 29 May 2016

A detour: An Iron Hands Iron Father

I was supposed too be painting Eldar again this week, but sometimes you just have an urge to paint something else and have to go with it. That's how I decided to paint up the Forgeworld Iron Father; a really nice "hero" model for my new Iron Hands list...

Here he is: with a volkite pistol, power axe and servo arm.

The actual process of painting him was quite straightforward really: I mainly used metallics to weather the outer edges of his armour, and focused my painting attention on the metalwork and power axe.

The axe is done with the same process as say a thunder hammer, and I added small lightning ripples for some extra colour. I would say that some additional spot colours are necessary on Iron Hands characters, as otherwise the black armour becomes a little monotonous. On the Forgeworld website, I've noticed that they typically wash the black armour with greens to make it appear a little iridescent, but I don't really like that look. Hence the more colourful axe, and some additional diodes and buttons on the character being picked out.

A rear shot of the Iron Father. he actually wears Terminator armour, but I will equip him with artificer armour in my list.

Some more shots of his equipment.

Overall, a unique model and a really nice hero from Forgeworld. He'd made a very good Master of the Forge, and I intend to use him as a Techmarine.

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