Saturday, 21 May 2016

Eldar: Wave Serpent 1

Another model for the Eldar commission finished this week - a Wave Serpent.

Whilst the Wave Serpent, as a kit, is now showing its age of a little, overall this was a fun model to paint. My client's chosen scheme fits the model really well, and the vehicle looks great next to the Wraithguard that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

The cockpit is fully detailed. Whilst the scheme is deliberately quite "clean", my client requested some directional staining on the hull. This works well, I think, and adds an element of speed to the piece.

Another view of the Serpent.

This rear angle demonstrates some of the staining on the gems.

Another angle, again showing some staining.

The model has removable and exchangeable guns on the turret, as shown below.

The actual vehicle is also magnetised, so it can easily be removed from the base.

A view of the open cockpit.

Next up will probably be either a Farseer, or perhaps a squad of Dire Avengers!

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