Monday, 9 May 2016

Eldar; Wraithguards

Tonight I managed to finish off a squad of Wraithguard for the new Eldar project...

These models were great fun to paint. My client had a specific colour scheme in mind, so they were painted to that plan: I think that the various colours balance well. I really like the bone armour, which was done with Army Painter Skeleton Bone (very close to Ushabti Bone).

This view shows the gems on the backs of the models. We discussed adding some staining and/or weathering to the gems, but ultimately I thought that this would make the pieces too "busy". There is some very minor dripping around the gem-stones, as though water as collected around them, but it's a subtle effect.

Some specifics now. This kit has limited "pose-ability", but the models still look quite dynamic.

The heads received a coat of 'Ardcoat, to make the Wraithguards appear more alien. In fact, they look a bit Gieger-esque with this effect, and it nicely reinforces the monstrous nature of the these creatures...

The models are actually magnetised, and can be fitted with alternative weapons. However, I haven't finished these - I figured I'd make some more headway on the commission, then come back to them.

Next up? I'm going to try some Eldar vehicles...

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