Sunday, 24 July 2016

More Eldar Wave Serpents...

The Eldar project marches, or perhaps hovers, onwards. Two more Wave Serpents finished this week.

The weather in the UK is uncharacteristically nice, and so I thought I would take these pictures in natural light. Whilst it beats spending twenty minutes setting up the light booth, I've also got some glaring shadows in these pictures and they haven't come out quite as well as I would have liked. They'll give you the general idea in any event!

First up, we have a Wave Serpent with lots of weapon options. As shown here it is equipped with shrunken catapults and missile launchers.

Light weathering - the staining lines - has been added per my client's instructions.

Another view of the hull. I personally love the bone colour on these models. As you'll see below, some of the models have been done in the same pattern (so, for example, the blue around the cockpit) but on this model I mixed things up a bit. I moved the blue to the rear section, and the turret weapon chassis is also blue: I think this works really well.

Another view of the rear door, also with weathering:

Here are the weapons options with the removable windshield:

And a close up of the pilot. All crew and interiors have been detailed.

Here is the second Wave Serpent for this week, which has pretty much been painted in the same style as that I completed a couple of weeks back.

This Serpent has similar weapons options, but not as many as the first Serpent.

Both tanks are on magnitudes bases, which is a great idea (this work was done by my client). The bases are done in the same way as the rest of the army.

Next up will be some more Dire Avengers. I'm trying to break the back of the infantry, and hoping to get a couple of boxes of Avengers finished in the next week or so: I'm then on to some more interesting "elite" type units (such as Warwalkers and a Fire Prism).

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