Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A quick break: Space Sharks

This week, I've mostly been priming and building Eldar. But I took a few hours to make some more progress on another project I'm working on for a client, and then had a bout of insomnia, and then ended up making a lot more progress on the unit than I originally intended!

So, here are some in progress Space Sharks - aka Carcharodons Astra...

My client approached me and asked if I would be willing to do some units of Space Sharks, with the same scheme as the ones I painted for my own army. There's something about these Marines that just appeals to me, and so I jumped at the chance to paint some more!

This squad is now almost finished (just some touching up to be done, possibly some weathering, grass on the bases, and then maybe some blood on the claws). Other than some minor refinements, they are painted identically to my own army.

For the sergeant, I chose to use a tighter colour palette than on my own models. Since I painted mine, GW has come out with Rakarth Flesh and Flayed One Flesh, and that combination suits the Space Sharks well. They are a nomadic, space bound chapter, and as such the pallid flesh tone (which I also used on my Bloodbound Blood Reavers, also painted last year) really feels right.

I also improved my technique on the claws. I always felt that the original Space Sharks I painted needed a darker blue near the base of the claws, and so I added that to this squad. That works nicely as it provides a more natural transition between the colours of the glove and the actual claws.

I'll be painting a Captain Tyberos model for this project soon as well, but for now the Eldar are calling me...


  1. Great grey marines! Love the scheme, and nice claws. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers for the comment and glad you like them! I'll be starting a Tyberos model very shortly...