Monday, 15 August 2016

More Eldar War Walkers

Managed to finish off two more Eldar War Walkers this weekend.

As I said before, I really like these models. Although they are reasonably simple sculpts, they have a nice aesthetic to them and remind me lots of the Imperial Guard Sentinel. In fact, whilst I was painting them, I started having thoughts about building a super-retro Guard army around Ogryns and Sentinels...

Back to the War Walkers for now!

Although the Walkers have basically the same colour scheme, there are some variations across the squadron. I imagine the Walker pilots as being a little maverick: maybe having a little more individuality than some other Eldar crewmen, and being given more leeway as they operate behind enemy lines... The models remind me a lot of racing vehicles.

I love the ivory scheme on the armour panels for these Walkers. It was a good choice!

I discussed with my client varying the poses of these models, and it was agreed that I would try to make them look as though they were moving. The sculpt doesn't have fully poseable legs, but as the main Walker body is lightweight and there are a couple of foot options, you can achieve quite a few variations on the pose. This Walker is running cross-country...

Another view:

And yet another view:

And a final view:

Both new Walkers have weapon options, which I forgot to photo, but you've probably seen these on the earlier pictures anyway.

Here's a shot of the squadron in formation, ready to attack.

Next up will probably be some more Eldar vehicles...

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