Sunday, 25 September 2016

Eldar: Fire Prism/Night Spinner

Some more progress on the Eldar project this weekend, and I've almost finished this Fire Prism tank...

As you can see, I used the same scheme I've used on the rest of the army, and the same weathering techniques as well (just some minor staining). I used more bone white on this model than earlier vehicles, just because I actually really like this colour. I think that the blue panels work best when they are used sparingly.

A couple more angles on the tank:

Here are the additional parts that will eventually make a Fire Prism. I've hit a slight flaw here: the transparent components have :"fogged" slightly. This is a really unusual reaction for these parts, as I usually use a small amount of plastic glue and it doesn't cause any reaction at all. My online research suggests that it might be because these are closed components; the fumes are what has caused the change. In any event, I've asked my client if he would prefer if I painted these parts - I think they will look much better with the same gem-effect I've used on the tanks.

What's next? I'm waiting on some parts for a Tyberos conversion for a Space Sharks army, and I'm also undercoating the bits for a Crimson Hunter (the last vehicle for the Eldar commission - woo hoo!). Meanwhile, I'm hungrily eying the new Genestealer Cult release: I'm pretty sure that I've decided on my next 40k army...


  1. Ooh, Space Sharks, love grey marines! Looking forward to your progress there. And will await your take on Genestealer Cult. I too am thinking the GC will enable me to use the squad of Imperial Guard I have as I have no intention of doing an AM army any time soon!

    1. It's all about the grey marines, my friend. Have a feeling this one will be grey and red... Really hyped about the GSC release: idea of making a few squads of Brood Brothers is actually as exciting as the Hybrids!!!