Sunday, 23 October 2016

More Eldar: Windriders & Dire Avengers

Managed to photograph some miniatures that I've been working on for a while today: another squad of Dire Avengers, as well as some jet bike Windriders.

First, the Avengers...

No Exarch for this squad (or the next one), as I think these will be used to bolster one of the squads I've already. Overall, I'm painting five units of these guys.

As I've said before, the Spiritstone Red gemstone paint from GW has really been useful in the painting of these miniatures. I love they way it produces a candy-apple red colour that pops across the squad. The Avenger miniatures have definitely grown on me as I've painted them...

Meanwhile, my client has a single squad of Windriders in this army. I really like these simple and characterful pieces, and this is the sort of unit I always find myself using in my own army lists (generally units that are nice looking but don't perform very well in the game!).

These models are fully magnetised with both magnets on the flyer stems and underneath to hold the weapon options. Not shown here, but painted as well, are several weapon choices for the jet bikes.

So, what's to paint next on the Elder project? I have another five-man squad of Avengers, then I'm waiting on the last few models from the client before the whole commission is finished!


  1. I get excited every Monday morning now to be able to check your blog for updates.

    Great stuff mate :-)

    1. Glad you're enjoying the blog! I always try to keep updated over the weekend!