Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Eldar: Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra

A mid-week update! Just finished Maugan Ra, after several nights of frenzied painting.

This guy has a nice old school vibe about him; with a certain charm that strikes me in a way that some of the more recent (and better detailed) plastics models just seem to lack. Anyway, I had fun painting this guy.

The bone was done with the same colours as the rest of the army, although this guy has a better canvas to take some graduation. The black armour sections have highlights of Dark Reaper then Thunderhawk Blue (a combination that I just love!), but these don't photo very well.

Another shot of Maugan Ra; he has a snazzy backpack and a nice backbanner. Note that the icon at the top is actually much lighter than it appears in this photo - I really went for a bright bleached bone finish here, so that it is differentiated from the other bone sections.

Next up: another Eldar HQ miniature...

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