Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Eldar: Warp Spiders

The Eldar project draws near to a close, and this week I've been working hard on finishing up the alternative Warp Spiders...

You might have noticed that the models are not quite finished. The leader (shown in more detail below) has some pincer-type things (is it that obvious that I'm not an Eldar player?), which I am still finishing. The weather has been brutally cold here, and undercoating even smaller model pieces isn't easy!

I was very impressed by the dynamic posing of these miniatures. They are manufactured by Ghost Miniatures, and fit in really well with the Eldar line. They are nicely scaled with the Dire Avengers.

A shot of the very detailed backpacks that these models carry.

So, other than a few little bits on the leader, I'm pretty much done with this project. It has been great fun, and I hope my client enjoys it. 

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