Sunday, 13 November 2016

Eldar: Wraithlord and Dire Avengers

Progress continues apace on the Eldar commission, and this week I managed to finish off both a Wraithguard and another squad of Dire Avengers. In my haste to get these pictures up on the blog, I've had to photograph these miniatures in artificial light... Please forgive the rather poor quality pictures this week. One of my new year's resolutions will probably be for purchase a new lightbox.

First up is the Wraithlord. This is a lovely miniature, which will form a nice centre point for my client's army. We went with the same scheme as the smaller Wraithguard: I also added a layer of gloss to the head, which worked really well with the Wraithguard.

As with most models in this commission, the weapons options are also modular and I've painted up (although not pictured) several alternative choices.

The bone photoed particularly badly... Sigh... Photos of finished models seem to be a real weak point for me. I find that unless I take pictures in the day with decent sunlight, no amount of daylight bulbs can compensate.

The sword had a nice blue sheen added to it (using Gillian Blue Glaze), and I finished the effect with a layer of gloss varnish.

The model has some minor weathering with Typhus Corrosion, which suits the piece well. It ties in very well with the earlier models and vehicles, which all have the same staining effect.

Next, another unit of Dire Avengers. Pretty self explanatory, and again the darker blue armour doesn't photograph very well but I've now done several of these  units - they are pretty much the same as the last twenty Avengers!

Next up: Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra...

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