Sunday, 11 December 2016

A new project: Astral Claws Terminators WIP

Now that the Eldar commission is done, I've now making a start on the next project: a squad of close combat Terminators, of the Astral Claws chapter. This unit is going to be part of a larger Forge World themed army; I recently finished some Space Sharks Terminators for the same client.

As ever, my photography sucks. The light tends to make the silver finish look quite flat, whereas in real life it has a richer, burnished-steel type appearance. 

I really like how these models have a clean, almost majestic appearance. It certainly plays against the grubbier, war-torn armour of the Space Sharks, and the blue and silver really mix well. I decided to go for a warmer gold, as I wanted that to complement the cold steel of the rest of the armour. The hammer came out well too, I think, because it plays nicely with the palette of the rest of the model. 

I'll hopefully be doing the rest of the squad in this colour scheme, and should have those finished shortly...


  1. Nice Hammer and gold details, sweet work

    1. Glad you like! I just wish I could get better pictures - the details really shine in person

  2. Absolutely stunning mate! Beautiful paint job, I love the contrast with the hammer, and you have just the right mix of blue and silver throughout! Phenomenal!