Sunday, 18 December 2016

More Astral Claws Terminators

This week I've been working on some more Astral Claws models, and have now almost finished a squad of Terminators.

These guys have been a lot of fun to paint, and their silver armour positively glows in natural light. I also enjoyed doing their thunder hammers, which add an extra level of interest to their colour scheme. 

I'll probably be adding some decals to the shoulder shields, as well as on the leg sections, but other than that these guys are almost done. Next up will be Huron himself, who will of course be leading the squad into battle. 

The schedule for work into the New Year is already building up! I've got a Stormraven, a drop pod, some Centurions and a couple of smaller projects on the horizon. I'm particularly looking forward to doing the Stormraven in Astral Claws colours: it's going to be the largest metallic model I think I've ever painted... 


  1. Great Hammerators! Liking the scheme so far. Large metal surfaces will be challenging, hopefully your scheme will transfer across well enough, maybe have to add some scratches for interest or more weathering to vary the patina on large flat plates, maybe re-entry scorches on the Stormraven leading edges?

    1. Yes, I was thinking that. I reckon that a nice brown wash with MIG pigment will look great on a mirrored surface. Also some blues might be nice to add for engine burn etc.

  2. The Astral Claws look too good to be a traitor Renegade Chapter.

    These are great examples mate. well done