Sunday, 5 February 2017

Blood Bowl: Gouged Eye Orc team

Here's something that I've been working on for a while, as a side-project, since Christmas.

Blood Bowl has a special place in my heart, being a favourite of mine was I was growing up and first getting into the GW hobby. From a manufacturer swamped in the grimdark, BB is a refreshing change of pace. The original was great fun, and whilst tactically deep also easy for beginners to pick up.

Well, BB 2016 is just as good! Except this time around we're treated to some lovely new sculpts...

I split the box, and chose to go with the orcs. They've been painted up in the GW style as Gouged Eye, and I have to say that I really enjoyed painting them! Orcs are one of the few races that I've never painted, and so this was a really nice change for me.

Each team also comes with a decal sheet - hence "Line" on the base (standing for Lineman).

The team includes six sculpts, and twelve players overall. I've decided to paint them up in groups, to ensure consistency across the team. The first orc was my test, and the others followed thereafter. Bases were done very simply to reflect playing field markings: the lines also act as a reminder when the player is on the pitch, that he is in fact a lineman! This might sound like overkill, but having played a few games with the team, and even though I'm familiar with the rules and models, I struggled to remember which piece was a lineman, blitzer etc. This technique together with the markings on the base should help with that!

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