Monday, 1 May 2017

Beastclaw Raiders: Frostlord on Stonehorn

While all the talk of new 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 has me as excited as the next gamer, I also feel a certain reluctance to invest in my armies any more until the dust has settled on the new edition... Does anyone remember the furore when Warhammer Fantasy Battle first became Age of Sigmar? Although I hope that GW has learnt some lessons from that disaster, I'm adopting caution in the run up to the new release.

The end result is that I've been dedicating more time to Age of Sigmar, and in particular I've decided to create a Beastclaw Raiders army!

This model was a huge amount of fun. I can't remember a piece I've enjoyed painting so much! I followed Duncan Rhodes' Youtube painting tutorial (albeit for the Thundertusk), but modified a couple of colours.

As you can see, the behemoth is so big I struggled to fit it into my lightbox.

The ogre (ogor?) rider is a nice focal point for the model. I painted his skin in quite cold colours, but will probably paint the next in a slightly brighter colour to emphasise the focal point.

The Stonehorn's face has a lot of detail. As you can see, I also went with a snowy base. That complements the skin colour of the beast envy well.

Biggest problem with a Beastclaw Raiders army? How am I going to store and transport these guys!