About me

Twitchy Droid Painting Services is a UK-based professional model-making and miniature painting service, run solely by me.  

I have been an avid collector, painter and convertor of 28mm scale miniatures for over 20 years. I started with Warhammer 40,000, and quickly moved onto other Games Workshop games. I have dabbled in other miniatures scales and games, from a wide variety of publishers. To me, the painting and converting aspects of the hobby have always been more important than gaming - but that is not to say that I don't enjoy a good battle!

Over the years I began to take on commission projects for friends. That lead to undertaking several large-scale commissions for private clients, and the end result is this blog.

I also regularly post on DakkaDakka and Warseer, under the username Gorman, and play an active role in gaming and model-making in my local community as well.



  1. my god, you sound like me...i only started in the middle of last year...

  2. May I ask how do you paint your space sharks? I can't find a tutorial anywhere on your blog?

    1. Christian - the Space Sharks are:

      - Mechanics Grey basecoat
      - Codex Grey layer
      - Codex/Administratum Grey highlight
      - Administratum Grey highlight
      - chipping done with Rhinox Brown on a small piece of sponge; highlighted with Administratum Grey on the lower edge of the chip

      Hope that helps!