Here you will find examples of my work. I'm always working on something new, so make sure you check my posts for examples of my most recent work.

Space Sharks aka Carcharodons Astra - Codex: Space Marines Army (1500 points)

This is an army I am currently working on for Ebay, which is based around Captain Tyberos. It will feature Terminators, Land Raiders, a Contemptor Dreadnought and Tactical Squads in Drop Pods...

Raptor Legion Bikers - Codex: Space Marines Army (1500 points)

This is an Ebay project, which I started back in 5th edition. Using a captain mounted on a bike, biker squads can be taken as troops. The list has lots of bioker squads, attack bikes, landspeeders, and a biker command squad.

Iron Hands Drop Pods & Dreadnoughts - Codex: Space Marine Army (2000 points)

This army started as a personal project when the latest Codex was released, but I ended up selling it to make space for more models...

It was a great army to build, paint and play - featuring six Dreadnoughts (including two Ironclads), three Tactical Squads, an Iron Father and a counts-as Vulkan He'stan (converted from a Techmarine model). It's now enjoying a new home in the US.

Thunder Wolf Cavalry - Codex: Space Wolves Army (1500 points)

This army was started as a result of the new Thunder Wolf Cavalry entry, from the most recent Space Wolves Codex. Following from my interest in Rough Riders in the Guard Codex, I decided to start an army for Ebay using the Mythicast mounted wolf models.

Finished in early 2011, the army was eventually sold off to a buyer in the Uk via Ebay

Vostroyan First Born - Codex: Imperial Guard Army (1500 points) 

This army was completed in early 2011, and was sold on Ebay a few months later - happy with it's new owner in Italy!

It features two Vostroyan-pattern Valkyries (with converted crew), mechanised veterans in Chimerae, ratling snipers, several heavy weapons teams and Leman Russ battle tanks

Personalities, characters and other oddities

Make no mistake about it, I prefer to paint up whole armies - but sometimes an individual figure just calls out to be painted! In this section are examples of individual models that I have collected, painted, sold or been commissioned to paint.

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