Every project on which I work is unique, and costs can vary wildly according to individual specifications.

The best way for me to give you a price for your project is to contact me, and we can discuss your vision.

Building a personalised army is a very creative process - we can throw around ideas and costings, and in most cases come to an agreement as to what is reasonable on both sides.

For most projects, the standard of preparation, painting and converting is as follows:

  • Basic preparation such as washing, gluing of parts and so on;
  • Appropriate basing;
  • Base coat;
  • Wash and highlighting as appropriate for model;
  • All eyes, lenses, icons and other details picked out as appropriate;
  • Basic weathering with powders for vehicles;
  • Sealed with appropriate varnish.

I can paint models to a higher or lower standard, with steps as you wish, and this will impact the eventual price.

A general pricing guide is as follows:
  • Infantry (Space Marines, Tyranid Gaunts, Necron Warriors) -  £7.50 per model;
  • Larger infantry (Tyranid Warriors, Imperial Guard Ogryns, jump infantry) - £15-£18 per model;
  • Characters (Space Marine captains, Imperial Guard officers, other characters) - £20+ per model; 
  • Larger models (Imperial Guard Rough Riders, Space Marine Bikes, other beasts and cavalry) - £20 per model;
  • Monstrous creatures (Tyranid Hive Tyrants, Grey Knights Dreadknights, Chaos Daemon Princes) - £50-60 per model;
  • Smaller vehicles (Space Marine Landspeeders, Imperial Guard Sentinels, Grey Knight Dreadnoughts) - £50-60 per model;
  • Larger vehicles (Space Marine Rhinos, Imperial Guard Chimerae, Grey Knight Razorbacks) - £60 per model;
  • Very large vehicles (most flyers, Land Raiders, Necron Monoliths) - £70+ per model, depending on size.

So much depends on conversion needs, painting requirements and so on, that this is only a very broad guide to pricing. Of course, the size of your project will impact prices as well: larger projects can usually attract a discount.

I run a "first come, first served" system, and on you contacting me with a commission I will get back to you with a timescale for completion.

I accept Paypal, but by prior appointment bank transfers or cashiers cheques can also be accepted. My usual terms will be half payment upfront, then the remainder paid on completion of the commission before the miniatures are sent to you.


  1. Hi!

    I am looking for a commission painter for my Warmachine Army and I was told about you. I have an built army that I need painted to a decent tabletop standard (this is to actually play, so nothing very elaborate is needed). I thought I would drop you a message to see if you would be interested and could give me some estimate of a quote.

    How do I send you a list of the miniatures I need painted? I could not find an email anywhere.


    1. Gerard, would be very interested in the project. My email is in the "contact me" link above - it's twitchydroid at yahoo dot co dot uk

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